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God! So lazy to open up again!!

This is what happens when you understand or at least you think you understand how love works, - sorry guys, I know, too much love lately and you may be expecting some interesting sex stories and they will come at some point! Be patient!

As I said, when you understand that love is a decision, you understand that the person is not the most important part. I know this sounds kind of like "Whaaaaa? So I can love anyone?" Yes my darling, you can. But this is the tricky thing, you’ll go from love love love to times that love is not enough by itself and that’s why it’s important to make sure you have something in common with that person, have fun together, have similar plans, make each other laugh...
Am I making sense? I could just be blind right now and speaking bull¨hit, but I am not sure. 

It seems to me that after loving someone for a while something starts to die unless you put a lot of effort into it; flirting intensely, complimenting one another and keeping up the surprises; all this, in my opinion should be happening all the time, and if it’s not then something is missing. And I would like to have it, ALL THE TIME! Independently of how long we have been together.

You do it with no effort sometimes, why would you have to make efforts to do it? Is that what you want? Seriously. How cool is to go with the flow, when things happen without even planning them!    

Here’s the news! It’s scientifically proven how and why that love sparkle stops after a while, and it’s explained in one of my previous articles! And yes, I know it’s painful!

But then coming back to the title topic, for those who has just broken up from a relationship, it’s really hard to open up again to another love afterwards isn’t it? Is this because we are not ready for it? Or just because, actually we have never been really open before? I know it’s nonsense, but nothing too far from our nonsense life!

Love should be open and ready any time, shouldn’t it? Well I don’t know, I only know that opening is hard, especially when you are not ready for it, but you have to question why you’re not ready!? This is my question for you. Any thoughts will be most welcome! 

My thoughts are, opening takes time. TRUST, you need to build trust, and this can take time, but why does it have to take time? Why don’t we just trust people straight away, they are people, like you, like us, like me!! Ok I am not sure if I am, but yeah!

This is a bit annoying, I want everyone to trust everyone! This is my Christmas wish. I think the world would be more beautiful if we could do this. So things that take time are hard to fight for unless you are very passionate about them. We like quick results, quick love. But can we expect this? In my honest opinion, I think yes. But to find someone who does, takes time!!! The irony!

Thanks for reading!
Comments below. :)


  1. My suggestion, add a link to the article at: "it’s explained in one of my previous articles!". They will also read it, and understand how cool your blog is. +reading +cool .....


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