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Having a 1st date? PLEASE READ!

NOTE. This is for men specially (and in some cases, women).


- "You have opened my heart again." Whaaaa? Firstly, she/ he doesn´t need to know you opened your heart before to someone else. 

Second of all - already? 

That’s a bit too easy to open!
Thirdly, is this something you open and close as a door, really? :P

"Next week, let’s go to..."  Next week? I don’t even know what I am doing tomorrow! Don’t make plans.

- "What do you do?" (Not in the first 5 questions, please!) You can perhaps be more creative and even focus on having fun instead of interviewing her. If you want to do so, then do it clearly and in a humourous way like: I want to interview you, is that ok? Then go for it!


- Please have the intention to pay (at least) or take her/ him to a free activity or whatever. Girls, yes, this is also for you - the old tradition of they (the man) always paying for your stuff is obsolete. If you still want this, it’s cool, and they will probably do it, but it’s never rude to have the intention to pay. This way he can see how you see him and how you view yourself (a human being that is not superior or inferior).

- Take a shower - don’t go to the date right after you have been playing football.

- If you have mouth smell (I know you say bad breath, but English people laugh when reading this), make sure you have chewing gum or a mint before you meet her/ him.

- Men: be the leader, have a plan if you are not the most spontaneous man, or  just be spontaneous but take quick decisions and be confident about them, even if they are not 100% brilliant! I know it sounds like too much pretending but if you are not sure about how to do this, just send me an email as I am here to help.

Be yourself, even if you fail on the date, you don’t want to attract people in our life that can’t see your potential anyway. If you don’t like being yourself, then improve yourself, work on yourself before you have any dates, be happy and proud of yourself, then go for it! And kill it!! :)

Good luck and enjoy it!!

Note. I know I didn’t focus on giving solutions today, but I thought you know them better than me, you only need to spend few minutes thinking about it.

Thanks for reading! I like you readers!


  1. Pay or not to pay, thats the question. I think that I survive because I look like a good boy, and normally I try to pay or ask. However this is a complex issue around me, on one hand, a lot of girls still want me to pay. On other hand, other girls do not accept me to pay anything, even if it's a low value item that you want to give as a present. Is hard hahaha

    If I can ask for help, I really would appreciate an article about how to propose a date.

    I normally can manipulate a conversation to create a situation where I can invite a girl to hang out with her alone, meet her and then, allow both of us to check if we are interested in each other. Very easy, and full control.

    However, when I know that I like a girl, and I want to propose a DATE, my overconfident falls and I'm kind of a mess. I'm pretty sure they just accept because I look "cute". An amazing technique haha but I miss to have the control :P

  2. Hi Victor!

    It will be a pleasure to write about it. Yeah looking cute sounds like a great technique, hahah. Would definitely like to explore what do you exactly mean by "a mess". We all like to have the control of... life! I would say, but can we really have that? And also do we really want that? How exciting is not to have it sometimes...? Would you like the girl so much as when you don´t have the control? (Sometimes the fact that we can´t get full control, makes the relationship exciting and the girl more attractive and the fact that it´s exciting let you be more in control because you are accepting that it´s ok not to be in control). Just few thoughts and questions to reflect, will write about it! ;)


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