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Sex & Mind


How are you today? 
I know, I know I have been missing for a couple of weeks! And I haven´t got a real good excuse!
Some of you don´t know that I am running a training company, so yes that´s the main reason why I have been a bit disconnected, but trust me, I have been thinking about you EVERYDAY, really, I am not lying, I love sitting here with you all and telling you my deepest thoughts, yes ok sometimes they are not that deep, but sometimes they are! You just don´t get them! ;)

So yes, as I was saying got a bit busier than normal these past weeks. But I´m back! Here all for you! 

Why I called this article "sex & mind", ok guess... come on, I will give you 3 seconds



Exactly, because they go together! And yes also that! Only in women´s bodies!! Yayy good guess!! Well done!

Ok I was joking (usually when I say I am joking it will be only half joking, just so you can follow me).

How can you have great sex if you are thinking about tomorrow´s work or yesterday´s?
As everything, as much focus as you are in what you are doing the best it goes. And sex is not going to be different, of course!

This message was primarily for women, but then I realized that actually men, if you want to also use it, feel free! Girls, ok let´s be honest here, how many times on the first night you have slept with a guy, and he could not get hard?
At least one! Right?
This usually is not because his body does not work properly or because you are not making him horny, it is JUST HIS MIND, he is thinking about too many things at the same time!!  (Yes, it also happens to men! Crazy, right?? I knowwwww.
The most common thought, he is so worried about not disappointing the girl that it´s just not working, too much self-pressure let´s say. Usually it happens when the guy likes the girl a lot or he has not had a proper sexual experience, so he does not want to "fail". I know, this is sweet!!! Isn´t it, and not, I am NOT joking. Of course it´s really disappointing for the girl! But also, it´s just sooooooo sweet! Seriously guys, I don´t think you should worry that much, for girls penetration is not always a priority. Let me point out something I usually point out, there are always exceptions and I am talking from my experience and other people experiences! Yes they share them with me! How cool ah?

Anyway, ladies, how to make sure, the guy who is just letting you down, does not do it again and again...
Give NO IMPORTANCE to the situation, act as if nothing was happening, he will relax and become the man he always wanted to be! It works! ;)

And in terms of the article I wanted to write, girls, the best way to enjoy sex, is, actually wanting to enjoy it, relaxing your mind, focusing on what you are doing, and trusting the man. I know it does not sound like an easy think to do but some tips to make it easier:

1- Do it when you hormones are requesting it! Which you have to find out what is the best time for yourself. Perhaps, just before your period or during you ovulation day. Well every girl have their days when feels more sensitive, pick these days!

2- Make sure you have had some fun with the guy before you jump into the bed, just to build some trust.

3- Life is to enjoy, so forget about everything else when doing it! How to do this? Making the decision that there is nothing more important that living in the present because we don´t know what will happen tomorrow.

That´s all for me today! Hope it was fun?

Good Night! / Day


  1. Finally!! Welcome back!!

    More data:

    -Men have better performance in the morning. We are more tired and primitive at the night, but if you are able to wait until the morning, well, is good haha. I say this because is typical to get extra tired in the night, and repeat still tired in the morning. Since my point of view, this is a key factor to explain why sex improve with the experience with the couple. You have changed the hours!!

    Note: Men almost always WANT sex in the morning and, I promise, is a huge WANT, very very big. You even can use it to manipulate us :P

    -Forget the tv, don't fake the breast with a magic bra on the special day, specially if is small. For most men is just an extra, not matter their preferences, however we do relate it somehow with the innocence of the girl. And I suppose that you don't want your nice boy, have second thoughts in the key moment, about if he may perverting or moving too quickly with that amazing girl.

    Note: We´ll never recognize that, to don't hurt you, ever, so please, pay attention to the expectations in general, expectations are important.

    -If problems remains, is good to know that a big amount of men need the circumcision, and not all us are told on time. This is not a problem normally for sex, but if the man is very excited, and the the condition has worsened, well, it doesn't help. Of course don't comment anything unless problems remains. Some people are easy to scared about this things.

  2. Helloooo!!! Thank you!

    Also for the info! Yeah I know about the morningssss, Shame Im usually not as sensitive at that time!

    hahah great comments! ;)

  3. My special sensitive encourage:

    Cut some tender fruits, cover them with yogurt, add some jam forest fruit on the top.

    3 minutes, no noise.

    I accept suggestions about that topic :P


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