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When a letter never gets to its destination

I have just found this somewhere in my room... I go to sleep crying, I wake up crying, I meditate crying and I look at other guys crying. I miss you so much. I think about you constantly , shout at myself to stop it, shout at myse lf not to text you even though its what I fancy the most. I want  to know about you, how you are, how you feel, what you are doing. This is painful, or at least, I'm allowing it to be painful. I'm writing because somehow it feels like I'm talking to you, pleasing that need of having you. You are awesome the way you are, you are awesome the way you kiss me, and the way you look at me; thank you for these fantastic moments that I will always keep with me and will bring them when needed. Want to know how you are, how you feel, what you do. I miss you crazy. I cry inside, I feel sad and I know it sounds depressing but really feels as if I had an arm missing, something its missing, you are missing. You maybe hating me right no

Moving on with pain

God!! So yesterday I was SO horny all day long, I was like OMG! OMG! I need to procreate, lol. Then today, I feel like – who needs a guy? What for? Sex? Ppfff that’s not something I am even interested in. God! How can women deal with this stuff without getting mad? Actually, we do get mad, that was the whole point about me writing right? ‘Whateva'! Hello guys! I'm so happy to be here with you writing about my hormones and about how crazy the world is. Today, as you have already noticed, is all about hormones – such a new topic! First of all, I want to apologize in the name of all women in the world, sorry! Uff as soon as I'm writing this, I'm like, no! I'm not sorry, this is it guys, women have different hormonal changes because we are supposed to have kids – every month we get ready for it and that's great! Is it? Oh ok, there they come, again with these mental contradictions. Does is happen to you girls? You start talking, then suddenly you realise everything

When you are in love with the wrong person...

Sometimes it happens - you wake up all excited about the day ahead simply because you are going meet with THAT one person who you most want to spend your time with. Any other plans, for some unknown reason, are not exciting at all. You wake up, smile, get ready with your best outfit and make up your face (even if this is something you don't normally do), ready to meet THAT person with plans you’ve made the day before.  Then you call THAT person and they say your plans may have to be postponed until a bit later, and you feel disappointed, but the fact that you will meet two hours later makes it still exciting – you know the wait will be worth... Then three hours later you receive a text saying that instead of just the two of you meeting up, THAT person is meeting a friend and you are welcome to join – 'Really?' It’s not the fact that I'm not going be able to spend private time with THAT person, it’s the fact that THAT person is cool not to do so!  Obviously yo

Why this blog should exist?

Girls! Have you ever been frustrated because you don't understand the guys you date or the guy you’re in a relationship with? Boys! Have you ever been frustrated because you don't understand the girls you date or the one you have a relationship with? I know both answers - Yes. Ok, let's calm down and relax. This blog can help us understand men and women in a combined scientific and experience based way. These questions we all have about Why men don't cry!? Why women love talking!? Why men don't want to chit-chat after sex!? All these answers and more are being answered here, because after many years of getting frustrated at what men do and hearing my male friends complain about what women do, I couldn't handle it anymore, so I started researching. My first question was the 3rd one on the list, 'Why men don't want to chit, chat after sex!?' I love talking! I hated when they only wanted to go sleep afterwards, when you can see their e

Some thoughts for today...

Hello darlings! How are you today? Well I'm well thank you. Just wondering who is reading this amazing blog today. I want to start my challenge which is writing everyday here, still thinking when I will start it because as you know I am a busy woman! Started a business some time ago and finally looks like is catching up! This is the last event, great no? :) Exciting! I have notice something, men are usually easier clients than women in terms that they don't question that much and if they ask something you can actually understand the question! Women, however, answer to you like this: Well, it depends... Also they will over analyse massively what you are doing or saying constantly and try to prove it wrong. Awesome I know. Also they tend to understand more or at least pretend they do. Another observation has been that they usually take more notes than men.  So, my conclusion is. If you want to build a training business. Do it for men! lol Out of jokes, I do l

Positive Thinking!

At some point in our lives we all look at the world with a pre-set attitude or focus that we set ourselves which alters our view of things in our day to day lives. Let’s split them into two categories: positive and negative thinking. For example, going into a first date thinking ‘Ugh, this has got to be what, my 50 th date?’ and assuming it will turn out bad like others have done, will set you up for failure. Going into the date thinking ‘This one could go well!’ and feeling excited about meeting someone new will open you up to a whole other level of things to find, some of which may even surprise you. Those little niggling things your date may do, like slurping their water, may just be due to their nerves, but your negative thinking is a pre-set attitude for failure which makes you jump on it, thinking they are a terrible date. This will most likely bring about you rejecting them quicker. Waking up and something going wrong so you say ‘I hate today!’ and then you find there are ot

The maths of love

Love, what a new topic, I know! It is my favourite as you may know by now.  We have a new contributor to the blog, how cool! It does not mean I won´t be writing of course I will, I love this! So tell me what you think. Nerea Something that has always stuck with me is the idea of ‘the one’ - what does that mean, exactly? Is there some totally perfect person out there for each of us, that we are destined to meet at some point in our lives? Romantic comedies and dramas tell us ‘the one’ is entirely possible. Some people literally spend their lives depending on this concept, and determinedly strive to find it by the time they reach 30. There is so much pressure people put on themselves to find that one perfect person, those list of ideal characteristics about their ideal person that they need to tick off because they believe it will make them happy. I don’t believe that is a realistic way to live, and statistically, it’s highly improbable. Think of the endless failed first dates, the pe

Happiness by me

Hello lovelies!! Well my life is becoming a bit mental these days and find challenging to come here to share my thoughts when really, I do love doing it and I do love you all, readers!  I want to appreciate your patience and also the fact that you keep coming back here to get inspired, to learn and teach! This video below: You can stop looking/ searching for happiness now, is here (we all have the ability to feel it by doing nothing). Cool, eh?  Of course you can always be more proactive in your sad or happy moments, but a key point will be, at least, to enjoy it when it comes. Of course our hormones sometimes mess us up, yes, but is part of the process anyway! Have an awesome day!

Can your brain lie?

Secondary voices - we all have them sometimes, or all the time! Are they useful? Do they let us grow and see things clear? No, of course not (most of the time). T hat’s why we are here today- to see what we can do with them. They say, “Leave that guy, he is not good for you”, but then your body has got some sort of addiction that is just SO horribly attached to him. It’s like being on drugs all day long - n eeding him, wanting to be with him more and more when really it should be me controlling my thoughts and needs. Y ou know what I mean? Yeah you do, or may be not? Well logically the guy is not for me, but physically he is (or seems to be) and then all these fears come along, “When will I meet someone interesting?” “I don’t really want to bother and start dating again, blah, blah blah…” But guys, wait, me? me? ME? Being afraid of something…? not of something but of “not getting another guy…!?!?” Come on Nerea! Don’t be “ silly ” (I have heard some people c

How to propose a date?

The last request I have had is "how to propose a date" by one of our followers. And as I sometimes do, I will double check what internet says before I write. Of course I found WikiHow ( ).  Seriously, I wouldn´t go there. I found many Step by Step articles of "How to ask for a Date" and yes I can just post them on here so you can see them, as for example ( ) However, this is not my usual approach to this Blog, or to life, so I will go with my "advice". I put advice between quotation marks because I don´t believe much in giving advice, instead, I believe in asking or finding out the "right" way for yourself. Here are the comments of the follower mentioned above... " I normally can manipulate a conversation to create a situation where I can invite a girl to hang out with her alone, meet her and then, allo