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Happiness by me

Hello lovelies!! Well my life is becoming a bit mental these days and find challenging to come here to share my thoughts when really, I do love doing it and I do love you all, readers!  I want to appreciate your patience and also the fact that you keep coming back here to get inspired, to learn and teach! This video below: You can stop looking/ searching for happiness now, is here (we all have the ability to feel it by doing nothing). Cool, eh?  Of course you can always be more proactive in your sad or happy moments, but a key point will be, at least, to enjoy it when it comes. Of course our hormones sometimes mess us up, yes, but is part of the process anyway! Have an awesome day!

Can your brain lie?

Secondary voices - we all have them sometimes, or all the time! Are they useful? Do they let us grow and see things clear? No, of course not (most of the time). T hat’s why we are here today- to see what we can do with them. They say, “Leave that guy, he is not good for you”, but then your body has got some sort of addiction that is just SO horribly attached to him. It’s like being on drugs all day long - n eeding him, wanting to be with him more and more when really it should be me controlling my thoughts and needs. Y ou know what I mean? Yeah you do, or may be not? Well logically the guy is not for me, but physically he is (or seems to be) and then all these fears come along, “When will I meet someone interesting?” “I don’t really want to bother and start dating again, blah, blah blah…” But guys, wait, me? me? ME? Being afraid of something…? not of something but of “not getting another guy…!?!?” Come on Nerea! Don’t be “ silly ” (I have heard some people c