- Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Can your brain lie?

Secondary voices - we all have them sometimes, or all the time!

Are they useful? Do they let us grow and see things clear? No, of course not (most of the time). That’s why we are here today- to see what we can do with them.

They say, “Leave that guy, he is not good for you”, but then your body has got some sort of addiction that is just SO horribly attached to him. It’s like being on drugs all day long - needing him, wanting to be with him more and more when really it should be me controlling my thoughts and needs. You know what I mean? Yeah you do, or may be not? Well logically the guy is not for me, but physically he is (or seems to be) and then all these fears come along, “When will I meet someone interesting?” “I don’t really want to bother and start dating again, blah, blah blah…” But guys, wait, me? me? ME? Being afraid of something…? not of something but of “not getting another guy…!?!?” Come on Nerea!

Don’t besilly” (I have heard some people call that to themselves), you can get other guys! Actually I think that’s not really the problem. 
Maybe it’s the attachment that makes me think these things.

And now, one question for you readers! Don’t you believe your body can manipulate your thoughts to get what it wants? I do! And yes it’s scary. Kind of!   “I am afraid, I won't get other guys” but really I think so because I want you (because I need you, physically I do! I mean my body does!).” Or even “I wanna kill you” because I need food (like the movie Alive where in some cases they fought with each other and they were even close to death, may that be because they want to eat each other? Unconsciously their body is creating this?), I know I am talking some deep or complicated stuff, or that’s how it sounds to me! OMG this is mental, but maybe true!!! Can our bodies manipulate our thoughts to cover its needs? Wow, I am doing a full research about this baby! Let's do it! It does make sense to me. It’s like sex almost; these guys that take girls and do what they want with them (even if they don’t want) -I just don’t want to say that horrible word here in this beautiful blog- , maybe their body is justifying these horrible acts? OMG, OMG. Shit! I hope this is nonsense otherwise everyone could justify their acts at ALL times!
And the last example, when you can’t see your partner for more than 3 days and you all of the sudden get angry on each other, do you think this anger is unconsciously created to help yourself not to suffer from 3 days not meeting him/ her and not satisfying your “drug” needs? How mental!

To comment the picture below, our brain lie us to get what it wants which are endorphins, using the resources it has or are easier to get, (in summary what babies do all the time 'cry' (this is like saying "I am afraid") then we give it what it wants, in this case the dummy which in our personal case it would be the guy you are attached to), how cool!

I am always looking for unconscious moves of our behaviour as you see, I like it! I think I am discovering something here, lol.

So yeah I am now almost sure that my brain can create a fear just to get the reward it’s looking for - endorphins, dopamine, happiness. And then it’s making sure we don’t broke up the relationship it’s attached to. How mental! (3rd time I say “mental” sorry but it’s just SO mental! lol). Seriously, this is great! Really enjoying this writing, and yes I think I've gone a bit far and maybe it’s not like my previous articles, usually a bit of nonsense is involved but this may have passed the limit. I like it! Do you?
Well I hope you do and we can start to have a debate here on so.

Thank you for reading!


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