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The maths of love

Love, what a new topic, I know! It is my favourite as you may know by now.  We have a new contributor to the blog, how cool! It does not mean I won´t be writing of course I will, I love this! So tell me what you think. Nerea Something that has always stuck with me is the idea of ‘the one’ - what does that mean, exactly? Is there some totally perfect person out there for each of us, that we are destined to meet at some point in our lives? Romantic comedies and dramas tell us ‘the one’ is entirely possible. Some people literally spend their lives depending on this concept, and determinedly strive to find it by the time they reach 30. There is so much pressure people put on themselves to find that one perfect person, those list of ideal characteristics about their ideal person that they need to tick off because they believe it will make them happy. I don’t believe that is a realistic way to live, and statistically, it’s highly improbable. Think of the endless failed first dates, the pe