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Some thoughts for today...

Hello darlings! How are you today? Well I'm well thank you. Just wondering who is reading this amazing blog today. I want to start my challenge which is writing everyday here, still thinking when I will start it because as you know I am a busy woman! Started a business some time ago and finally looks like is catching up! This is the last event, great no? :) Exciting! I have notice something, men are usually easier clients than women in terms that they don't question that much and if they ask something you can actually understand the question! Women, however, answer to you like this: Well, it depends... Also they will over analyse massively what you are doing or saying constantly and try to prove it wrong. Awesome I know. Also they tend to understand more or at least pretend they do. Another observation has been that they usually take more notes than men.  So, my conclusion is. If you want to build a training business. Do it for men! lol Out of jokes, I do l

Positive Thinking!

At some point in our lives we all look at the world with a pre-set attitude or focus that we set ourselves which alters our view of things in our day to day lives. Let’s split them into two categories: positive and negative thinking. For example, going into a first date thinking ‘Ugh, this has got to be what, my 50 th date?’ and assuming it will turn out bad like others have done, will set you up for failure. Going into the date thinking ‘This one could go well!’ and feeling excited about meeting someone new will open you up to a whole other level of things to find, some of which may even surprise you. Those little niggling things your date may do, like slurping their water, may just be due to their nerves, but your negative thinking is a pre-set attitude for failure which makes you jump on it, thinking they are a terrible date. This will most likely bring about you rejecting them quicker. Waking up and something going wrong so you say ‘I hate today!’ and then you find there are ot