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Some thoughts for today...

Hello darlings!

How are you today? Well I'm well thank you. Just wondering who is reading this amazing blog today.
I want to start my challenge which is writing everyday here, still thinking when I will start it because as you know I am a busy woman!

Started a business some time ago and finally looks like is catching up!

This is the last event, great no? :) Exciting!

I have notice something, men are usually easier clients than women in terms that they don't question that much and if they ask something you can actually understand the question!

Women, however, answer to you like this: Well, it depends...
Also they will over analyse massively what you are doing or saying constantly and try to prove it wrong. Awesome I know. Also they tend to understand more or at least pretend they do. Another observation has been that they usually take more notes than men. 

So, my conclusion is. If you want to build a training business. Do it for men! lol

Out of jokes, I do love my women clients, don't get me wrong. I love when they take notes, I love they they move their heads as if they are really learning. Love when they realise things and when they enjoy or get embarrassed from the things I say or do.

I am so grateful to be building a beautiful business as The Happy World Company, even though sometimes I will question myself how I put myself in this mess!

Yeah today just wanted to share some of my recent thoughts. I don't go into relationships stuff because I am a bit sensitive lately. Hope you understand but will be back on track very soon for you!!

Have an amazing day!
Thanks for reading,


  1. I'm reading it!!. And I have a suggestion for your blogs and class:

    The big difference between "introverted" and "shy" and how for example you can meet for example extremely social but introverted people.

    I think this is an important issue for some womans that can't understand that a guy who was able to flirt with them, later on, needs what the people call "personal space". For a guy is also very useful, but we understand better than is impossible to completely understand the other sex, and we don't usually over think about this problems too much.

    I left a resume link as "my personal webside" because I'm afraid to go the spam list if I paste it bellow.

    1. Hi Victor!

      Oh thank you for reading and also for the suggestion, yes I will see what I can write about that, sounds like an interesting topic and I do agree, I keep telling my girl friends to be patient when the guy is not messaging them back 5 min after they texted them, lol. I keep on telling them they don't know their situation yet, he can be a busy man, an independent one, or be dealing with lots of stuff, or just doesn't feel like texting back yet!


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