- Friday, 10 July 2015

Why this blog should exist?


Have you ever been frustrated because you don't understand the guys you date or the guy you’re in a relationship with?


Have you ever been frustrated because you don't understand the girls you date or the one you have a relationship with?

I know both answers - Yes. Ok, let's calm down and relax.

This blog can help us understand men and women in a combined scientific and experience based way. These questions we all have about Why men don't cry!? Why women love talking!? Why men don't want to chit-chat after sex!?

All these answers and more are being answered here, because after many years of getting frustrated at what men do and hearing my male friends complain about what women do, I couldn't handle it anymore, so I started researching. My first question was the 3rd one on the list, 'Why men don't want to chit, chat after sex!?' I love talking! I hated when they only wanted to go sleep afterwards, when you can see their eyes closing whilst you are still talking!! Gggrr yes I hated it!

Now, thanks to that research, I can at least be calm. I still don’t like when they do it, but at least I don't expect them to chat, and if they do, I REALLY APPRECIATE IT! Before, I thought it was their obligation!

So, to all guys that WANT TO TALK AFTER SEX – thank you. Especially because I know it's against your nature. Of course, there are always exceptions, so if you do love chatting after sex, please notice there’s nothing wrong about that.

Below is an interesting extract that shows how differently a boy and girl perceive the same situation…

So, this is why this blog is necessary, not only for my own learning and fun but because kids & adults should be learning these differences to gain understanding and therefore deal with each other better! And not get frustrated every day!

The amount of frustrated people needs to be lower, thank you very much.

Now is your time to ask me your questions. I want to know what your frustrations and doubts are, and see if I can find some great useful answers!

One more thing, I never try to offend anyone in this blog, please don't ever take things personally this is only based on experience and research.

Thank you to everyone who is being part of my life and who is there reading this hormonal blog.

Thank you for reading!

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