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When you are in love with the wrong person...

Sometimes it happens - you wake up all excited about the day ahead simply because you are going meet with THAT one person who you most want to spend your time with. Any other plans, for some unknown reason, are not exciting at all. You wake up, smile, get ready with your best outfit and make up your face (even if this is something you don't normally do), ready to meet THAT person with plans you’ve made the day before. Then you call THAT person and they say your plans may have to be postponed until a bit later, and you feel disappointed, but the fact that you will meet two hours later makes it still exciting – you know the wait will be worth... Then three hours later you receive a text saying that instead of just the two of you meeting up, THAT person is meeting a friend and you are welcome to join – 'Really?' It’s not the fact that I'm not going be able to spend private time with THAT person, it’s the fact that THAT person is cool not to do so! 

Obviously you can say I'm in love with the wrong person, in love with someone who doesn't mind to meet the next day or even two days later. Or a person who is not able to say ‘please come and join me and my friend because I will enjoy the meeting more’, a person who would rather be at home doing nothing than meeting a beautiful person like me. 

Thank you for reading guys – this blog, as you have always known, is one of my therapies – yes I do have several! Lol, I think we all have several therapies, in one way or another. Some people need some chocolate or to get drunk or speak with a psychologist, but for me it’s this – writing and taking my thoughts out my head which will hopefully help someone to connect, learn, inspire or just entertain them. Makes sense to me!

Anyway, it’s a shame, really. But well let me say more. Normally, I would just make up other plans, but as I said I only wanted to see him today! I only wanted to spend time under the sun, singing and dancing with him, every other plan wasn't worth it.

Tomorrow, I will wake up with another perspective where I'm focused on myself and every other person is only an extra, ok? Cool, deal!

Conclusion. My hormones are mental, same as yours (especially if you are a girl). And it's ok, I don't like them at times but I respect them too. They make my life very very, let's say... lol

Thank you for reading readers!

Oh what is the advice today? No advice, just cry with me ok? ;) 

Well in the picture below you have THE alternative MESSAGE you can be getting from today's article.

Chapter two of this story will come soon. Maybe not the most wanted one but the true one for sure!

Have an awesome day/ night!


  1. As a guy, I love the last quote. Is nice to read you Nerea

    1. Victor! Is great to have you! Event though I have been bad at writing. Thank you!! Yeah last quote is so right, expectations really mess things up. Thank you again! :)


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