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When a letter never gets to its destination

I have just found this somewhere in my room... I go to sleep crying, I wake up crying, I meditate crying and I look at other guys crying. I miss you so much. I think about you constantly , shout at myself to stop it, shout at myse lf not to text you even though its what I fancy the most. I want  to know about you, how you are, how you feel, what you are doing. This is painful, or at least, I'm allowing it to be painful. I'm writing because somehow it feels like I'm talking to you, pleasing that need of having you. You are awesome the way you are, you are awesome the way you kiss me, and the way you look at me; thank you for these fantastic moments that I will always keep with me and will bring them when needed. Want to know how you are, how you feel, what you do. I miss you crazy. I cry inside, I feel sad and I know it sounds depressing but really feels as if I had an arm missing, something its missing, you are missing. You maybe hating me right no