- Saturday, 19 December 2015

When a letter never gets to its destination

I have just found this somewhere in my room...
I go to sleep crying, I wake up crying, I meditate crying and I look at other guys crying. I miss you so much. I think about you constantly, shout at myself to stop it, shout at myself not to text you even though its what I fancy the most.
I want  to know about you, how you are, how you feel, what you are doing. This is painful, or at least, I'm allowing it to be painful.
I'm writing because somehow it feels like I'm talking to you, pleasing that need of having you.
You are awesome the way you are, you are awesome the way you kiss me, and the way you look at me; thank you for these fantastic moments that I will always keep with me and will bring them when needed.
Want to know how you are, how you feel, what you do.
I miss you crazy.

I cry inside, I feel sad and I know it sounds depressing but really feels as if I had an arm missing, something its missing, you are missing.
You maybe hating me right now for writing to you, please be flexible with this, I'm making a BIG effort not to text you.
I don't like your comments about looking for a date on Facebook, just so you know. I know your answer is: then don't break up! and you are right.
I have not idea how the future will look like but I can only see good things in my head. I want to be part of yours even if its only by being in your head.
Please don't forget me, don't forget us. It has been amazing being together, laughing, joking together. THANK YOU.
I love you, always, Nerea

I know guys, I know... Freak! I also know is not Shakespeare, I have notice that as well but come on there are some deep feelings there, can you feel it? Ok its simple, when you break up with someone you just miss that person! Or not! But in this case was a yes. And sometimes you write. I'm now remembering this letter it was SO useful to write this down as it helped me calm down and keep things for myself, it was never sent as you see and I can only be proud of that.

I have been sometime ignoring you all and to be honest, yeah my love, hormonal life its being messed up a bit! lol 
Is hard to tell you all stories here because also this is not an anonymous blog you know!?! lol
And it seems all guys I like find out about this blog! (Maybe its because I tell them...) So yes thinking about a new strategy, maybe strategy of writing, maybe strategy of changing the blog name, or just not telling them! hahah well these are just excuses I know! I don't write because I don't give a sh*t! hahah noooo joking again, sorry I just woke up from the nap time and yes I feel like joking with you. I have just being very busy recently with my Youtube Channel and also my company, I will leave the links below so you can see the development of it! I'm very excited about things as much as I am about this blog and you know it!

I want to share, help, motivate, inspire you as much as possible and trust me I will get to that point where you really feel I'm here!!

If you are sad or missing someone, grab a paper and write everything down, get it out your head and carry on.

Love you all!

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  1. Wow the youtube channel!! I just went strait ahead to the Woman Approaching Men! I suppose that I can be morbid sometimes hahaha

    Please meditate to publish some of them here :D