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I'm stupid and I know it!

Article written a while ago but hey I forgot to press publish! Sure you have at least once felt like it in your life - STUPID, TONTA, IDIOT! I feel like it right know. Everyone wants something from me, money, time, a fuck, something which sometimes makes sense, but other times you feel absorbed and used. This is our projection, I don't blame you or anyone who is involved in the stories I'm about to tell as I know I and only I create my reality but some people help you create a good one others help you create a shitty one. The only good thing about me feeling like shit is that I'm here now, sharing all these with you all as I have none to share it with or none who inspire me enough to do so with (or maybe I just don't want to bother them... and I prefer to bother you ;). Thank you for reading. Usually I write articles once I have learnt something, this article is hot, in the way that I'm feeling the pain right now! Business wise. On top of my main bu