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I'm stupid and I know it!

Article written a while ago but hey I forgot to press publish!

Sure you have at least once felt like it in your life - STUPID, TONTA, IDIOT!

I feel like it right know. Everyone wants something from me, money, time, a fuck, something which sometimes makes sense, but other times you feel absorbed and used. This is our projection, I don't blame you or anyone who is involved in the stories I'm about to tell as I know I and only I create my reality but some people help you create a good one others help you create a shitty one.

The only good thing about me feeling like shit is that I'm here now, sharing all these with you all as I have none to share it with or none who inspire me enough to do so with (or maybe I just don't want to bother them... and I prefer to bother you ;). Thank you for reading.

Usually I write articles once I have learnt something, this article is hot, in the way that I'm feeling the pain right now!

Business wise.
On top of my main business, The Happy World Company I also rent houses, few months ago, I rented a house, a friend of me passed me the tenant, I paid him £100 for that and the tenant left two weeks after this. There was few things in the way which I was not very good at, few mistakes as for example when she came the room was not the one I sent her on the picture (a mistake!) but still we fixed this new room in the way she wanted, painted, bought a bed etc etc. She was very happy and so on but then she found a spider in the kitchen and people was making noises AND she didn't like the area, so she decided to leave, all good by me (of course I thought the same you are thinking - a fucking pussy girl) but hey some people have higher standards that you and I! Not morally but superficially they do!

I said, its fine you can go, but give me one month notice, she didn't so I only returned her the deposit, but then my frustrated friend came along and said, no, no you should give her the monthly rent because bla bla bla. After discussing with my accountant, he said it was illegal to do so as in the contract she signed it says its one month notice, instead she should lose deposit and of course the rent which is already paid too. Even though I knew it was illegal and my colleague was advising me not to do so I did give the money back! Because I seriously couldn't bother to recieve his calls anymore, he was the most annoying person I have ever met, for a £100! please!!!

I will tell you why. The guy was texting me EVERY FREAKING DAY, ABUSE! Is called. It was SO absolutely annoying, what's the point to text someone when they are telling you, I will keep you updated, I will let you know by... Well some people does it. I am weak, I am weak to live in this world with people who has no idea about business and about morals, principals and basic things.

On top of this the guy I'm dating, after we slept together (even though I was telling him let's not kiss etc etc) he did. And it was nice, that's the problem with me. I like nice, I like good, I like kisses, I like his smell, he tells me TODAY he is going for a date. THAT FUCKING HURTS! WTF! Why would you do that to someone you care about? Oh ok he doesn't give a shit!?! You know I haven't got it yet, I still think he like me and loves me (even thought he never told me!) I'm a fucking idiot, stupid and I don't know what other words I could tell. I teach people not to insult themselves and to speak to themselves in a nice way. Fuck that! lol

MY PART... I was dating other guys while I was dating him and I told him, BUT I never told him, bye I'm going for a date. Should I? This is weird, I feel horrible now for him going for a date but I have done it before to him. This is like the fucking Perro del hortelano! I don't want you but I don't let you go. That's seriously fucked up.

What I do? Move on, move on, move on! I don't want this person for my love life, I don't want to tell this stories in my blog, I don't want to have this negative thoughts in my mind, so I'm ditching them here for you to support me, OK!?! Deal! After today, I'm out of this. God help me! lol

Have it ever happened to you, you love the wrong person, well I think my last 5 posts in this blog were about it, so yes I have thank you for asking. (I'm gonna start thinking that the wrong person is me! 8) ) Oh oh ok next article about this!

Business & Love, two biggest challenges of my life but in summary, people, how you care about people making sure they don't screw you, your money & feelings?

The answer to this is forgive yourself and them, tell yourself things to grow and to make yourself feel good but I know when you are in the situation is not easy - Write a blog ;) Now I feel much better <3

Don't get me wrong though humans have a big side of stupidity even these who think they don't, in fact these are the stupidest ones.

Share with me what are the topics you would love me to talk about here.

Thank you for reading, love you lots!


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