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Why he does not want to date me?!?

He is having more success than me... e is is more beautiful than me, smarter than me, cooler, more humorous, more loving, more charismatic than me, richer... Because I don't think I have achieve what I wanted to achieve... Because he is so popular and I'm not... Because I'm afraid if I will ever get there... I don't know how he thinks and is difficult to learn more about him having in mind he does not want to date me. Is there any other way to learn more about him without falling in love and hopefully ending up being him the one who really wants to meet me instead of me being the one who wants to meet him?? It hardly happen to have to push people to meet me, whats wrong here?  I want to talk to him more, at least one more time, I need to know the truth, the truth on why not me, whats wrong? Maybe I'm the wrong one thinking there is something wrong with me and thats why he is being pushed away... Have you ever felt like this? Please share your story on t