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Why he does not want to date me?!?

He is having more success than me...
e is is more beautiful than me, smarter than me, cooler, more humorous, more loving, more charismatic than me, richer...

Because I don't think I have achieve what I wanted to achieve...
Because he is so popular and I'm not...
Because I'm afraid if I will ever get there...

I don't know how he thinks and is difficult to learn more about him having in mind he does not want to date me. Is there any other way to learn more about him without falling in love and hopefully ending up being him the one who really wants to meet me instead of me being the one who wants to meet him??

It hardly happen to have to push people to meet me, whats wrong here? 
I want to talk to him more, at least one more time, I need to know the truth, the truth on why not me, whats wrong? Maybe I'm the wrong one thinking there is something wrong with me and thats why he is being pushed away... Have you ever felt like this? Please share your story on the comments.

We sometimes have this tendency of thinking, what is wrong with me? And the truth is two things (I know that's poor English but it sounds fun to me). First, there are too many wrong things about you to answer this in a sort time, second, there is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with you. These both statements are true, true for you, true for me. You have a choice to focus on what is wrong with you and what is right, or what is neither wrong or right. This is right :D Did I lose you? Uff ok, welcome back.

You can always work in yourself and you can always chill and accept things how they are. As I always say, where is your balance? If you have a strong pattern then perhaps there is something to work on but this will only be the case if you want to do so. If this just happens ones perhaps is just not the right guy for you or you are in a "down" time in your life when you don't feel the most confident.

Whatever is the answer, I'm with you. I respect it as much as I would like you to respect it because growth is about respect and relationships as well.

When all these insecurities come along we have two choices. Ignore them or ask ourselves why? this is exactly what we are doing today. Ignore them. lol jokes. ASK! Why do I feel this way? You are just insecure thinking that you are not good enough for that person and that already makes that person feel that you are not good enough... Yep psychology works in very strange ways. Your projection is your reality and projects other's reality as well. Same as someone looking happy tells you they are happy, someone being insecure tells you they are insecure and unless you are great compassionate person you may see them as weak or not enough for you as there are so many other humans in the world.

I highly recommend you work on building your confidence at all times but I also recommend you to go one level higher and realise that some men or women will like you as you are (with your qualities and your insecurities) and that is great because even when you work in your insecurities some new insecurities will rise from being in new, sometimes more challenging scenarios. So instead of resisting them, we work on them but also open up (we/YOU ARE READY) to meet that person, independently of where you are.

Hope you enjoyed the article, please share your thoughts below.

Thank you for reading!


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