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How to keep him engaged... Forever!

The basics.
What does it mean to get him engaged forever?
Not to only make him chase you until he gets you but to also know that even if you break up, any time you want to go back with him, he will be there ready to go back with you even if the years have passed. Sounds arrogant, right? I know! I am a bit arrogant at times but I'm not attached to it and hope you aren't either.

Please don't take any of my articles personally if you have been my boyfriend or 'no boyfriend' before. You know me and you know I love and admire you a tone.

Probably some of you are asking, what kind of men do that!?!? Let me tell you more about them on my next article. You will be surprised.

Hight value women of the world... I know what you are thinking when you see the title of this article... "you mean how to get rid of him right?!?!" well that's the article I personally need to read sometimes but I know some of you are looking to read exactly the opposite, how to keep him engaged. Some women can't get rid of men who are REALLY engaged and some women wish they could get men more engaged. There has to be everything in this world... wow that sounded like my grandma! :P
Let's focus on the second option today. How to keep him engaged.

Ok let's go to the point! (BUT PLEASE READ TO THE END, IS IMPORTANT!)

1. Make it hard for you to meet him, don't just meet him in the first text he sends you
2. Break up every 2-3 months, so they know they need to work to keep you
3. Stay focused on your life (not only your life with him but YOURS)
4. Don't ever prioritise him over you or change your core values because of him.
5. When you spend time with him or love him, do it in your best, DO IT the best you know. Stay really present. Have the BEST quality time with him he could ever have with anyone. Don't wait for him to bring the fun, bring it yourself.

Ok, I'm getting sick of hearing myself say these things! And probably you too! Excluding number 5 the other 4 sounded like the formula to stay alone forever!!! lol and that's exactly what it is... You will have great/ the best most intense relationships of all time which in fact are VERY fulfilling, BUT at some point, they will end.

Why? Because breaking every two or three months is exhausting for everyone. Intense yes, CEO 's love this formula (or people addicted to intensity) but is tiring as well unless you are NOT planning to settle with anyone, in that case, it maybe the perfect formula for you.

Now, IGNORE ALL THESE POINTS because, actually my blog post wasn't exactly about these!

There is something VERY REAL in this article, me and all the things I have just mentioned, I have experienced them, apply them into my life, unconsciously or consciously at times, for years! I have had more than 6 long term (from 3 to 6 years each) boyfriends in my 32 years of life and a few 'quick thing time' with another few (men I know you are probably asking... 'how many, how many?' well I don't really count them, I lost track long time ago! I know what you are thinking... but let's not go there.

Now what is real about all these? me, I told you! lol

There is something really good about following these 5 steps (yeah sorry I said forget these but let's go back to them).

You do satisfy your needs in many ways. These men make you feel important, special, the best. Something we all need to feel, SIGNIFICANT.
As I said, your relationships will be INTENSE. You will have a relationship which you probably didn't even look for but that you attracted! AND HERE IS THE BIG THING 'ATTRACTED!!!!!'

You attract what you project or as David Daida would say... (You attract what you need not what you want) everything you experienced in life is mean to teach you something, all these men were supposed to be in my life, BIG TIME, and I know it and they know it and we love each other loads YET even after the break up! <3

How to attract men into your life that will be engaged forever or that AT LEAST will be a good friend forever? Let's ask this question again.

Is not only about your behaviour but your energy projected to the world and to them when they are around you.

I'm gonna say ONLY 2 THINGS that will hopefully open your eyes forever and will guide you on engaging these men around you. (You could replace the word 'men' for 'people' during the whole article and it would still make sense!)

Become a high quality woman, someone who have a direction in at least one area of your life, maybe in your career, your family plans, your values, what you are aiming for. You don't need to have all your life sorted or be the perfect woman but at least have some core clarity that guides you through life. Comment below for a BREAKTHROUGH SESSION if you feel that you need some help with this.

What a man (full of ego - sometimes) need more than someone to open their heart? In order for him to do this, he needs to see YOUR heart first so that he can trust you to open his heart. This could totally be applied for any gender direction (example: You as a woman could have more masculine energy so you maybe the one who needs its heart to be opened) but this is another long conversation.

When you cover these two points, YOU HAVE GOT IT (you become MAGNETIC, IRRESISTIBLE & ATTRACTIVE). That behaviour I just mentioned may just happen to you naturally, because the last thing I want you to do is to fake your behaviour. To do games.

I haven't faked guys, I have been myself and that has resulted in where I am right now, single but with a bunch of BEAUTIFUL, NEVER REGRETTABLE stories and experiences I would not want to delete from my life and a TONE of clarity of how is the man I would like to spend the rest of my life with! Is easier to realise what you want after you try something than if it all comes from a dream or a thought.

I will be covering all these and more on my POSE Workshop on the 6th & 7th in LONDON. It is only through application because I have A LOT of clarity of the profiles I am looking for to be part of this life changing workshop so weather you are a man or a woman looking to become more irresistible, magnetic and attractive. This workshop is for you! APPLY HERE 

Chose my next article (write on the comments which one you wish):
A) '10 Tips to become Irresistible, Magnetic & Attractive'
B) The men I am talking about on this article, who are they

#LiveLifeYourWay #CarryOn


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