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I'm Nerea Carrion Sanchis, born in the industrial port city of Valencia, Spain in 1986. Despite having masters in Economics and working in the financial world for 2 years, I always knew I wanted to be an Entrepreneur. I wanted to inspire people and make a positive impact on their lives. I decided to take a risk and quit my job so I could focus on my dreams.

I earned Master's NLP cerified recently. As well as receiving coaching training from various organizations in London and Spain. My passion for self-awareness, learning world and human behavior encourage me to keep working hard and influence many lives.


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God! So lazy to open up again!!

This is what happens when you understand or at least you think you understand how love works, - sorry guys, I know, too much love lately and you may be expecting some interesting sex stories and they will come at some point! Be patient!

As I said, when you understand that love is a decision, you understand that the person is not the most important part. I know this sounds kind of like "Whaaaaa? So I can love anyone?" Yes my darling, you can. But this is the tricky thing, you’ll go from love love love to times that love is not enough by itself and that’s why it’s important to make sure you have something in common with that person, have fun together, have similar plans, make each other laugh...
Am I making sense? I could just be blind right now and speaking bull¨hit, but I am not sure. 

It seems to me that after loving someone for a while something starts to die unless you put a lot of effort into it; flirting intensely, complimenting one another and keeping up the surprises; al…

Sex & Mind


How are you today? 
I know, I know I have been missing for a couple of weeks! And I haven´t got a real good excuse!
Some of you don´t know that I am running a training company, so yes that´s the main reason why I have been a bit disconnected, but trust me, I have been thinking about you EVERYDAY, really, I am not lying, I love sitting here with you all and telling you my deepest thoughts, yes ok sometimes they are not that deep, but sometimes they are! You just don´t get them! ;)

So yes, as I was saying got a bit busier than normal these past weeks. But I´m back! Here all for you! 

Why I called this article "sex & mind", ok guess... come on, I will give you 3 seconds



Exactly, because they go together! And yes also that! Only in women´s bodies!! Yayy good guess!! Well done!

Ok I was joking (usually when I say I am joking it will be only half joking, just so you can follow me).

How can you have great sex if you are thinking about tomorrow´s work or yesterday´s?
As ever…

The smell of love - How not to miss him or her

Pheromones. We've also all heard of them, but what actually are they and how do they effect us?

Cue boring science-y bit, let's learn something together.

Pheromones are a type of hormone that operate outside of the body and send signals which are received through the nose. These signals effect members of the same species in either a physical or emotional way. 

NOTE. I am going to confess something by the end of this article, so read the whole of it or go to the end!

According to research conducted in Sweden using brain imaging, men and women can send and respond to these signals through an area in the brain called the hyperthalamos which deals with sexual behaviour and emotions specifically. 
So what we are really saying here is that men (or women) looking to get some action, release the smell of I-am-looking-for-action and that someone will respond to this, all without words.
You know that feeling you get when you first meet someone and you are way nervous but mostly excited, appar…