Story of this Blog

Story of this Blog:
One day I started to use this term in my dates, relationships, girl friends conversations: It is not me, It is my hormones!! after telling them my stories, as I didn’t know why I loved people sometimes and I hated them other times, I though I was completely mad!  I didn’t understand myself, so I related my mood changes to my hormones, as I used to feel bad about making people, and specially guys, crazy. 

I needed an answer, I needed to prove I was right about relating this BIG RESPONSABILITY to my hormones! I had so many questions about what was happening inside me and also about why people reacted in this or that way in certain situations, I also found similar reactions to situations which called my attention, so I started my research. Starting by why guys go straight to sleep after sex and why I just want to chat chat chat afterwards, well there was a reason!

So after finding that out I was so much calmer and I started to answer all my questions based in previous science studios from different resources, some of these studios have different conclusions depending the variables they used and the point of view they used to analyse, but knowing these things made so much sense to me that I wanted to share it with as many people as possible, it helped me to respect myself and to respect others, so to deal better with my relationships, then I though it could also help others.
Also when you write things down, your mind proceed them in a different way which helped me to archive things better.

So yeah! I do this because I enjoy doing it and because I would love everyone to look at relationships from a different angle so that I can finally find the man of my life! Haha

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  1. Love this blog,well done for a pleasant read!